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Robert Johnston – Exercises for Pregnancy - If you like this post - share it with others ! We’d like to introduce to you, our resident expert on physical exercise and training. Robert Johnston. The following is a transcript for a Q & A session that we recently did: (H3 = Healthy3, RJ = Robert Johnston) (H3) How did you get involved in personal training? (RJ) Coming from New Zealand I have always been interested in sports as a child, but developed an interest in exercise in my teenage years when everyone was growing taller and bigger than me. This lead to joining a gym with my friends and training and developing programs to gain our goals. My interest has never gone away and I found myself writing programs for my friends and correcting their technique came naturally. When I left University I struggled to find work in my field so I went for a job in a very large gym in Auckland. There I was exposed to so much more training philosophy’s and physiological methods, as the gym had all top of athletes (Professional/Olympic/Amateur/Sundays best) and Exercise Fanatics. I spent 3 years at the Gym then moved to London, Uk and have been working as a Personal Trainer since 1998. I tend to view my... [read more]
High Fat Diet Increases Breast Cancer Risk - If you like this post - share it with others ! This month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and it is worth noting that diet can have a big impact on this illness. Women who have had a diagnosis of breast cancer are strongly encouraged to cut out high fat dairy foods such as cheese, cream, whole milk and full fat yoghurt. So does a high fat diet affect the risk of breast cancer? A study of 1,893 breast cancer survivors, over a period of 12 years, has found that women who had one or more servings of high fat dairy food a day, had a 49 per cent higher risk of dying from breast cancer than those who eat little or no dairy fat. Michelle Holmes, associate professor of medicine and epidemiology at Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Public Health, who was not involved in the research, commented that it was a very well conducted study. She said that it advanced the understanding of how diets can affect breast cancer, but it is a decision for each woman. Low fat versions and other food sources will provide the same nutrients as full fat dairy foods. The researchers... [read more]
Homeopathic remedies for morning sickness - If you like this post - share it with others ! Morning sickness is a condition that affects more than half of pregnant women. The nausea can be mild or lead to vomiting. This can often be the first sign of pregnancy as it usually starts from the 6th week of pregnancy and lasts until the 12th week. It can affect some women throughout the whole pregnancy. There are several homeopathic remedies that are extremely safe, and can be very effective in treating this condition. Many pregnant women suffer with morning sickness, especially during the second and third months of pregnancy. Many of these women will experience nausea without the vomiting. Although it is called morning sickness, it can affect pregnant women at any time of the day. Homeopathic remedies for morning sickness can really benefit these women. Morning sickness usually wears off by the 14th to 16th week of pregnancy, but a few women can continue to suffer after this time. This is called hyperemesis, and can result in severe vomiting which causes dehydration, weight loss and chemical imbalances and requires urgent medical treatment. Severe vomiting will require rehydration treatment with contain salts and minerals that are essential for the... [read more]
Breast Milk Boosts Children’s Immunity - If you like this post - share it with others ! As this week is officially World Breastfeeding Week, an annual event, endorsed by WHO and UNICEF, this article highlights some of the benefits of breastfeeding. Breast milk has been found to contain more than 700 species of beneficial bacteria. Spanish scientists have used a technique based on DNA sequencing to identify a set of bacteria in breast milk called microbiome. The scientists analysed samples of Colostrum, which is the first secretion of the mammary glands (breast milk) after birth. They found more than 700 species of microorganisms, which is more than were originally thought. The study was published in the ‘American Journal of Clinical Nutrition’. The most common bacteria that were found in the colostrum’s were Weissella, Leuconostoc, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus and Lactococcus. “We are not yet able to determine if these bacteria colonise the mouth of the baby or whether oral bacteria of the breast-fed baby enter the breast milk and thus change its composition,” said the authors. The study also found that mothers who were overweight or those who put on more than the recommended weight during pregnancy had fewer species of bacteria.  The researchers also found that... [read more]
Can Grape Seed Extract Protect Against Norovirus? - If you like this post - share it with others ! A recent study has found that grape seed extract can reduce the severity and potentially provide as good a protection as Norovirus vaccines, which are being lined up as part of a mass vaccination programme to prevent this illness in babies. Scientists from Ghent University in Belgium have discovered that grape seed extract may be a genuine alternative to the vaccine. This is potentially very good news for parents who are worried about the possibility of giving another vaccine to their newborns. The researchers found that low doses of grape seed extract attacked the lining of the virus which prevented replication. At higher doses, the researcher found that the grape seed extract destroyed the entire virus protein. The report stated, “This provides evidence that (grape seed extract) could effectively damage the (norovirus) capsid protein, which could reduce viral binding ability and infectivity accordingly”.
Safe Exercises during Pregnancy - If you like this post - share it with others ! Being pregnant does not mean you have to totally stop exercising but you do need to avoid doing high impact exercises. It is hard to find out which exercises are safe for during pregnancy so I have made a list of a few exercises that can be useful if you are expecting a baby. Have a Swim Swimming is a good form of exercise as it works on the whole of your body by toning up your physique, increasing your endurance and keeping you agile. You won’t feel how heavy you’ve got during your pregnancy as the water supports your weight.  It is very therapeutic too. Aqua aerobics is a good way of incorporating swimming and low-impact aerobics together. Go for a jog I doesn’t matter whether you jog on a regular basis or not.  Ensure that you wear the right type of trainers and jog a little slowly than normal. Do a little Yoga Yoga is a very relaxing exercise which stretches your body. Obviously, not all of the positions are suitable for expectant mothers. Go for a slow Walk This is a less energetic form of exercise... [read more]