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Tips to Avoid Norovirus

By on Dec 23, 2012

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The number of cases of the winter vomiting bug has reportedly affected over 800,000 people in the UK this year. The Health Protection Agency (HPA) has announced that this represents an increase of 83% from 2011. Because of these outbreaks, many people are looking for ways to avoid norovirus

How to avoid NorovirusMany hospitals have had outbreaks and have closed off wards to prevent further outbreak. The medical industry has openly said that there are no medicines to treat the condition as it a virus. Washing your hand before eating or using the alcohol gels is a good way of maintaining good hygiene.  The HPA advice that if you fall sick, then you should stay at home and drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated.

There are however ways to stimulate your immune system and help to lower your risk of being affected. Nutritional and natural supplements can help to support your immune system and make your more resistant to viruses.

Probiotics such as Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium bifidum are beneficial bacteria that are normally present in the digestive tract. They defend the body against viruses and infections that we are constantly exposed to. Probiotics support the immune system by lining the intestinal wall with beneficial bacteria, which prevents the absorption of harmful bacteria and viruses into the body. These beneficial bacteria “crowd out” the bad bacteria and help to maintain a healthy immune system. As the digestive tract plays a major role in boosting the immune system, it is very important to maintain a healthy balance of probiotics in the gut.

Other helpful supplements that can help your immune system are Vitamin D, Vitamin C and B vitamins. These can be taken throughout the winter months to help you fit and active during the busy festive period.

Herbal remedies such as Turmeric, Echinacea, Olive Leaf Extract, Oregano Oil, Tea Tree Oil and Goldenseal can help to stimulate and maintain a healthy immune system. Manuka Honey can also boost your immune system and help to prevent viruses spreading.

Other ways of having the best chance of staying free of the Norovirus is cutting back on alcohol and junk food, and not getting too stressed out. Stress leads to a release of hormones that have a negative impact on the immune system.