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Safe Exercises during Pregnancy

By on Jun 27, 2013

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What are safe exercises for during pregnancy?

What are safe exercises for during pregnancy?

Being pregnant does not mean you have to totally stop exercising but you do need to avoid doing high impact exercises. It is hard to find out which exercises are safe for during pregnancy so I have made a list of a few exercises that can be useful if you are expecting a baby.

Have a Swim

Swimming is a good form of exercise as it works on the whole of your body by toning up your physique, increasing your endurance and keeping you agile. You won’t feel how heavy you’ve got during your pregnancy as the water supports your weight.  It is very therapeutic too. Aqua aerobics is a good way of incorporating swimming and low-impact aerobics together.

Go for a jog

I doesn’t matter whether you jog on a regular basis or not.  Ensure that you wear the right type of trainers and jog a little slowly than normal.

Do a little Yoga

Yoga is a very relaxing exercise which stretches your body. Obviously, not all of the positions are suitable for expectant mothers.

Go for a slow Walk

This is a less energetic form of exercise that can build up your stamina and improve your breathing and posture.

Keep-fit Exercises

Doing high-impact aerobics would not be a good idea while you are pregnant. If you are intending to start a new class you must tell the instructor that you are pregnant, otherwise try and find an antenatal class.

Riding a bike

If you are not used to riding a bike you can always try using an exercise bike. For one it is safer because you cannot fall off and it improves resistance and muscle tone. Again, keep the pace to a moderate speed.