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Stoptober – Quit Smoking Today!

By on Oct 12, 2014

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Stoptober - Quit smoking todayWith Stoptober now approaching its half way point, what better day to quit than today? Most of us are all aware of the numerous health, as well as social and financial benefits to quitting. If you do smoke, quitting is the single most beneficial action you can take to improve your general health. As you can see from the list below, quitting will drastically improve not only your health, but the people around you can your future generations.

Health Benefits:

  • Reduce your risk of developing cancer
  • Reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke
  • Protect the health of people around you, who are affected by your smoking
  • Improve your fertility levels and increase your chances of having a healthy pregnancy
  • Improve the quality of your skin and teeth
  • Look and feel healthier and younger
  • Improve your general fitness
  • Reduce the chance of your children developing asthma
  • Quitting actually improves your confidence
  • Enjoy the taste of food
  • Reduce your risk of developing Erectile Dysfunction (E.D)

There are numerous ways of quitting smoking. These range from using Nicotine Replacement products (such as patches, gum, lozenges and the inhalator), hypnotherapy, homeopathy through to strong medications. These strong medications can have some very harsh side effects, so it’s well worth exploring the other options before trying these drugs. Some people can quit instantly, without needing to use any products for support. Good luck!