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Natural supplements for sport

By on Jun 4, 2010

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There are many studies that state that weight training exercises strengthen the bones and reduce the possibility of developing osteoporosis in later life. These exercises should be done with supervision if you are new to weight training, as they can result in serious injury if done incorrectly. It can be advisable to take natural supplements for sport and weight training.There are many natural supplements for sports that are easily available

There are many forms of protein powder available, but the majority of these contain artificial ingredients and sweetners. The amount of protein per serving is also very high in may products. The very high levels of protein cause an extra load of the kidneys, and can lead to further problems.

Cardiovascular exercise such as running or rowing cause the body to release free radicals as part of the catabolism process (the breakdown of carbohydrate into smaller molecules). It is therefore important to take an anti-oxidant before undertaking a cardiovascular exercise.

Other natural supplements that are recommended are:

The amino acid L-Glutamine helps the muscles recover after a workout and therefore help with muscle growth. L-Argine is another amino acid that has been shown to increase muscle and lean body mass if taken in conjuction with a high intensity training programme.

Fish Oil and Flax Seed Oil Supplements provide an excellent source of omega 3 essential fatty acids, that are important for the joints and help to reduce inflammation.

Glucosamine will help to maintain strong joints and cartilage during weight training programmes.

The homeopathic remedies Arnica, Rhus Tox and Ruta Grav are very effective at treating and sports related strains and sprains. Thes can also be applied as a cream or lotion.