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Natural remedies for travel sickness

By on Jun 27, 2013

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Travel sickness is very common in all age groups, so let us explain some great natural remedies for travel sickness.

Ginger is just one of many natural remedies for travel sicknessGinger. This can be taken as a capsule or chewed in the crystalised form. Ginger is an excellent remedy for nausea and stomach upsets. These should ideally be started a few hours before the journey to be of maximum benefit.

Rescue Remedy or Ainsworths Recovery Remedy can be taken if you feel anxious and nervous. This can be taken throughout the journey at regular intervals.

There are also some homeopathic remedies that can be taken to prevent travel sickness. They should be taken in the 30c potency, starting an hour before the journey, and thereafter every two hours during the journey. One dose can then be taken after the journey. These natural remedies can be taken safely by young children, and will not interact with any prescribed medication you may be on.

This is the main remedy for travel sickness and should be included in all prevention regimes.

Petroleum. This remedy is indicated if the dizziness is made worse by loud noise or sitting up.

Aconite should be taken if the person feels anxious and is afraid.

Tabacum. This homeopathic remedy should be taken for nausea, giddiness, and faintness.

Nux Vomica is a good remedy if the travel sickness is accompanied with a headache and the person has a headache which is made worse by the smell of coffee or food.