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Kids Wing Chun Academy

By on Sep 5, 2013

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Kids Wing Chun Academy is a school that is based on teaching children of all ages discipline, good behaviour, respect as well as instilling self confidence and the skills of self defence. We recently had the oportunity to interview Sifu Jude Hudson.

Kids WIng Chun Academy




1) How did you first get involved in Wing Chun (Martial Arts)? Brief History

My brother told me about two men sparring, one was blind folded the other was not. when he asked why one of the men was blind folded he was told that it balanced the session as the other man was blind. We found a traditional Wing Chun school and started our journey; that was over 20 years ago.


2) What inspired you to create KWCA?

The son of a close friend of mine had been badly beaten up at a party and this had affected me. I knew that I could help people like that to make sure that something like that would never happen again to them. At that time however, I was running a company and could not. A number of years later, I left that company and decided that I would invest everything my wife and I had into starting a school that would help children gain confidence, belief, and self defence skills using Wing Chun. I wanted to work with children as I could get to them early  to make life changes in their lives. Helping children to deal with confrontation and bullies, and  coupling this with a value system that promotes the right behaviour.


3) What are the benefits for children to get involved in Wing Chun?

 Wing Chun is specifically designed to help build confidence and self belief through it’s unbelievable hand skills when taught a system correctly. Wing Chun is the antidote to protect themselves in all situations.


4) What’s different about Kids Wing Chun Academy?

 Kids Wing Chun Academy focuses on teaching traditional Wing Chun at a younger age. We focus on imparting skills that will transition children from age 4 to 14 to 40. We have had a number of children that have left other schools to train with us. These students realised the hard way that what they were learning did not work and have chosen us to learn effective Wing Chun. We have a very strong value system and are NOT part of the ‘money driven’ martial arts industry but instead have opted to provide real quality and value.


5) At what age can children start training?

We start teaching children from as young as 4 years old, through to teenagers, and parents.


6) What are your thoughts on the current childhood obesity problem?

Todays culture seems to focus a little too much on computer/device games, or in front of a TV for too long. I think we need to re-introduce playing in parks, going for walks, cycling, and more sport, or physical activity. I do however understand that our society has changed and their are possible risks based on environments, however we need to find a way.


7) What practical ways can you recommend kids to get fit and healthy?

As much sport as possible and having fun doing it. Try new sports that you haven’t tried before to see what’s out there. Watch what you eat; not too many sugar based cereals for breakfast. What the size of portions we eat, and not too much fast foods. Eat more fruit and vegetables.


8) What forms of exercise are beneficial to supplement Wing Chun training?

 All exercise is good and helps. Swimming, running, cycling, are great aerobic exercises. The health advice on is a great resource for the right way to get and stay fit and healthy.


You can get more information on the academy at: