Quit smoking for Stoptober with Homeopathy

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Stoptober is a challenge to quit smoking during October

Stoptober is a challenge to quit smoking during October

With Stoptober now in full swing, there are various options available for quitting the habit. Most people who have tried to quit smoking will testify that it is one of the hardest challenges of their life. It is virtually impossible to quit unless you really want to. So this is the first question you need to ask yourself. If the answer is yes, then why not quit smoking for Stoptober with homeopathy?

As most people are now aware, smoking is linked with various diseases and illnesses, so it is definitely in your best interests to give up this habit.  Whilst the over the counter nicotine replacement therapies (NRT), such as chewing gum, patches and lozenges, provide some support there are still many smokers who quit the programmes and revert back to the habit. The electric cigarette market is currently booming, but most types have very high doses of nicotine, which is very addictive.

There are some very good homeopathic remedies that have can help to break the smoking habit. Homeopathy provides a different type of support, which helps with both the physical craving of nicotine and the general addiction of smoking.

The homeopathic support for smokers consists of natural remedies that are safe and free from side effects and can be tailored to the individual. These remedies are not addictive and can be taken alongside other medications.

The following homeopathic remedies will help with the different aspects of helping to quit the smoking habit. It’s better to keep a range of remedies as this will help deal with situations as they arise.


Tabacum is a natural remedy that can help to reduce the smoking craving. The ideal dose is one tablet three times a day and when the craving is bad. This is a remedy that is actually made from tobacco leaves, but following in the principles of homeopathy (like treats like), it forms an ideal remedy for smoking cessation. One of the main principles of homeopathy is that a substance that can cause symptoms when given in excess can be taken to cure those symptoms when given in a smaller dose. This homeopathic remedy should be taken in the 6C potency over a period of a few months until it is needed.

Avena Sativa Mother Tincture (MT) is a herbal remedy that is used to reduce addiction and provides nourishment for the nervous system. This natural remedy is also known as oat extract or wild oats. Avena Sativa will be very helpful in the withdrawal of the nicotine from the body, and help prevent some of the symptoms of detoxing such as sleeplessness and nervous exhaustion that can also occur initially when the body flushes out these toxins. This herbal remedy should be taken as follows: 10 drops in a little water three times a day whilst you are in the process of quitting.

Lobelia Inflata 6X is a low potency homeopathic remedy that will help to support the lungs and help to clear out the toxins from smoking. This remedy is commonly known as Indian Tobacco and it acts as an expectorant to help your lungs to detox and to help clear the airways. This remedy should be taken three times a day as you are quitting and for up to a month after.

Using homeopathy during Stoptober

Using homeopathy during Stoptober

Other remedies that can be helpful during this time are Nux Vomica, Caladium and, Rescue Remedy or Recovery Remedy. Nux Vomica is helpful if you are feeling irritable and craving a cigarette. This is good remedy to keep at hand if you used to smoke during stressful times. If you crave a cigarette, take one dose of Nux Vomica 30c as early as possible to starve off the craving. Caladium30c is another natural homeopathic that can be taken to treat the craving for nicotine if the remedies mentioned previously do not help. Finally, the Rescue or Recovery remedies are very effective in helping you do deal with any anxiety or panic during the withdrawal process.