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Homeopathy in Pregnancy

By on Apr 30, 2010

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Many women have complaints during pregnancy that cannot be treated with conventional medicine, as it is not safe. Homeopathy is a natural and extremely effective form of alternative medicine during pregnancy. The homeopathic remedies are safe for pregnant women to take at any stage of pregnancy. Many conventional medicines are not safe in pregnancy, and many more have yet to be tested. Herbal medicines should also be used with caution as their safety has not yet been established. Homeopathy on the other hand, is extremely safe and effective during pregnancy.

It would be recommended to consult a qualified homeopath during the early stages of pregnancy to maintain an optimum level of health throughout the Homeopathy in pregnancypregnancy. This will help to ensure both mother and baby, are in a good state of health throughout the pregnancy. If this is not possible there are a few homeopathic remedies which are very helpful throughout the different stages of pregnancy.


The tissue salts are made from 12 minerals that are essential to the healthy function of the body. These 12 tissue salts were originally discovered by Dr Schuessler.  This is a specific programme used from month 2 to month 9 of pregnancy. These will help maintain a healthy pregnancy and help to nourish the baby with the required nutrients that are essential for cell growth. The programme is made up of the following remedies, each in a 6X potency.

Calc Fluor

This is required for bone development and is essential for the growth of the cells that make up the tissues of muscles, blood vessels and skin for the baby.


Ferrum Phos

This is essential for oxygen to be carried around the body through the blood cells. This natural remedy will also act to prevent anaemia for the woman in pregnancy.


Mag Phos

This is a good remedy to help prevent against heartburn in the pregnant woman and aids the nerve development of the baby.


Nat Mur

This helps to control the levels of salt in the body, therefore helping to balance levels of fluid and in turn preventing swollen ankles in the pregnant woman.



This essential salt is required for the development of teeth, bones, hair, and general body healing of the baby.


The programme is as follows:

MONTHS 2 & 6                MONTHS 3 & 7
Ferr phos                           Nat Mur
Calc Fluor                          Calc Fluor

Mag phos                          Mag Phos


MONTHS 4 & 8               MONTHS 5 & 9
Calc Fluor                         Calc Fluor
Nat Mur                            Ferrum Phos
Silica                                 Silica


Take one tablet of each twice a day, morning and evening.

Homeopathy in pregnancy can have great benefits, but we do recommend that you consult a homeopathic professional.