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Homeopathy for Temper Tantrums

By on Oct 26, 2011

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Homeopathy for temper tantrums can help both parents & childrenTemper tantrums or outbursts of anger, shouting, screaming and crying are unfortunately common occurrences for many young children.  There are many reasons why children may throw temper tantrums, and these situations need to be addressed before giving any remedies. However it is sometimes possible to seek help in homeopathy for temper tantrums.

Teaching children how to behave through adequate parenting and behavioural techniques should be the first line of treatment. Unfortunately, this does not always solve the problem. Temper tantrums are not always a sign of poor parenting.

Children may have deeper emotional disturbances, either from emotional or physical trauma. Children who have tantrums may be frustrated, bored or not mentally stimulated.

Emotional stress during pregnancy can also have an impact on your child. This can manifest itself in the form of tantrums or outburst of anger early in childhood. Other factors that can cause temper tantrums are tensions within the family, lack of attention, jealousy or if clear disciplinary boundaries have not been set. Tantrums are common with the arrival of a new sibling, as there is naturally a shift in the amount of attention that the child receives.

Other possible causes of tantrums are food intolerances and teething. If you suspect your child may have a food intolerance please consult your GP or nutritionist. Please refer to the article Homeopathy for Teething for help with treating teething.

The following homeopathic remedies should be given in the 30c potency twice a day for up to one week. If the tantrums still persist after this time your child may require constitutional treatment to get to the root of the problem. This requires a full consultation with a qualified homeopath.

Chamomilla. This remedy is for children who are extremely oversensitive and want to be carried and held. The child moans because s/he cannot have what they want. The child wants many things which they then refuse. It may seem like nothing satisfies them. Chamomilla is the main remedy for teething and colic. The child is only calmed when being carried and held. This remedy is for tantrums that are mainly at night.

Cina is a homeopathic remedy for children who are very cross. They do not want be touched or carried. The child wants many things but rejects everything that is offered. This remedy is for children who may also have worms and grind their teeth in sleep.

Nux Vomica is another homeopathic remedy for children who are oversensitive to noise, light, being touched or strong smells.  The child may be very impatient and want everything now. They always want more than others.

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