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Homeopathy for Hay Fever

By on May 31, 2010

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Homeopathy for Hay FeverHay Fever is a form of allergy due to pollen of flowers, grasses, trees and other plants. The main symptoms are itchy, watery eyes, runny nose or blocked nose, itchy throat and symptoms of sneezing. Hay Fever is also known as Allergic Rhinitis. The Hay Fever season usually starts in March and ends in late summer, although this may vary between individuals. Some individuals suffer with the complaint all year round.

Hay Fever affects 20% of the population in the U.K.  The symptoms usually start in childhood, but more adults are increasingly beginning to experience this illness. Different plants can cause problems to hay fever suffers at different times. The tree pollens usually cause problems from February to late May, then the grass pollens appear from May to late summer.  Most people suffer from an allergy to grass pollens. The body recognises these pollens as allergens, and stimulates the immune system to produce antibodies to fight against the pollens. This stimulation causes the release of histamine from the nasal passages, eyes and mucous membranes. This in turn causes the symptoms that are commonly present with hay fever sufferers.

There are a number of homeopathic alternatives to conventional antihistamines that can be used for hay fever. The most commonly used ones are mentioned below, with brief descriptions of their symptom pictures:

This is usually a good starting point. The remedy is made from a combination of tree, grass and plant pollens. It works on the principal of Isopathy (taking a remedy made from the specific allergen).

This remedy is characterised by watery eyes and nose. The eyes are itchy, red and sensitive to touch. The eyes also stream but the  tears are bland, and do not burn. The eyes may also be sensitive to light. There is also a profuse watery discharge with sneezing. The nasal discharge is normally watery and causes burning to the nose and upper lip.


This is the main remedy for the eye symptoms. The eyes water continuously  and  will be burning. The eyes will also be red and the lids will become inflamed. There is usually a lot of discharge from the eye which is yellow and sticky. The eyes will also feel sore.


This remedy is used when there is a lot of sneezing with an itchy, runny nose. The throat can also feel dry and sore. The throat symptoms start from the left and move to the right. Warm food and drinks may relive the throat symptoms, although empty swallowing may be painful. There may also be a sensation of a lump in the throat with a constant need to swallow.

The remedies mentioned above, Allium Cepa, Euphrasia and Sabadilla are usually combined together in a single remedy, as they cover most of the general hay fever symptoms.


This remedy is marked by an itchiness of the nose and throat. The throat may also feel swollen and dry. Swallowing is also difficult.


The eyes will be watery with swollen lids. There may be a loss of smell and taste. The nose alternates between having lots of discharge and being dry.