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Can homeopathy help with flu prevention?

By on Nov 21, 2013

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Homeopathy pillsHomeopathy may be able to play a role in preventing seasonal flu by helping to support the immune system. There are a number of remedies that can be taken to support the immune system at this time of the year, although the most effective form of treatment is to consult a professional homeopath and have constitutional treatment. This is given in the form of a homeopathic remedy that is specific to the individual’s personality and general health.

The homeopathic remedy Anas Barb 200c  and Aconite 200c should be taken at the first sign of a cold, as it can act as a preventative. It is important to take this remedy at the earliest possible stage for maximum benefit so therefore it is important to have this remedy on stand-by. This natural remedy is extremely safe and can be taken by the whole family.

Several homeopathic pharmacies also make specific remedies to help prevent colds and flu’s. These are normally based on the current strains of flu that are in circulation over the season. For more information on these remedies, please contact the specialist homeopathic pharmacies.

Influenzinum is a homeopathic remedy that is added to many flu prevention combinations. This remedy has also recently been included as part the flu prevention vaccination programme in Canada.

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Homeopathic remedies have not undergone stringent clinical trials, so we cannot make any claims for their effectiveness against flu prevention. The information in this article is only recommended as a guide to various homeopathic remedies that are available. Please consult your GP or pharmacist to discuss further treatment options.