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The Ritalin Effect (ADHD) - If you like this post - share it with others ! This week is ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder) awareness week. Ritalin (methylphenidate) has become a regular treatment for hyperactivity across America and the U.K.  Ritalin’s popularity amongst doctors has increased to such an extent that one in seven American children under the age of 18 is regularly taking a medication like Ritalin to treat their ADHD. But what do we know about the effects of Ritalin for ADHD? In the UK, sales of Ritalin are on the increase year on year. Recent figures show that prescriptions for Ritalin have increased from 158,000 in 1999, to 661,463 in 2010. Children as young as 3 years are taking this powerful stimulant. These statistics are worrying, considering that many long side effects have yet to be discovered. General and common side effects that are associated with this type of medicines are sleep disturbances, nervousness, night terrors, skin problems, anxiety, irritability and dependence. These medicines can also cause growth retardation in children. Lethal side effects such as suicidal thoughts and psychosis become more common when children take prolonged and high doses of these medications. Tragically, there have been a number of deaths related... [read more]
Back to School Supplements for Children - If you like this post - share it with others ! The start of the school term is usually when colds, coughs and tummy bugs hit their peak for children.  Natural remedies can play a vital role in maintaining and boosting a child’s immune system. Nurseries and schools are full of bugs that usually get passed around the class. Natural supplements for children can help to strengthen their natural defences to these bugs. Vitamin supplements, alongside a healthy balanced diet (full of fresh fruit and vegetables) and plenty of rest can keep your child fit and healthy during term time. With extra classes, perpetual birthday parties and homework, many kids have a busy schedule, so it is important they stay healthy and don’t “burn out”. A good quality multi vitamin is a good starting point for maintaining a healthy immune system.  Children’s vitamin supplements usually contain vitamin C, vitamin D, calcium, iron and zinc. Lamberts, Seven Seas and Viridian produce good quality multivitamin supplements for children. These should be given as advised by the manufacturer or pharmacist. Probiotics such as Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium bifidum are beneficial bacteria that are normally present in the digestive tract. They defend the body... [read more]
Does fast food really increase the risk of Asthma? - If you like this post - share it with others ! There have been many different findings recently, but does fast food really increase the risk of asthma? Regular servings of fast food could be causing a rise in the number of cases of asthma, eczema and rhinitis (persistent colds) in children. A study published in Thorax has found that children who have three or more servings of junk food are at a higher risk. The findings of this study could have a major impact on the health of many teenagers. Fast food could also be making their symptoms more severe. The researchers based their findings on data from more than 319,000 13-14 year olds from 51 countries and more than 181,000 6-7 year olds from 31 countries. The teenagers and the children’s parents were asked about any illnesses such as asthma (wheeze); rhinoconjunctivitis (which produces a runny or blocked nose accompanied by itchy and watery eyes); and eczema; and their weekly diet. The results found that three or more servings of fast food such as burgers and chips increased the risk of asthma by 39 per cent in teenagers and by 27 per cent in younger children. The study... [read more]
A Healthy Start to School - If you like this post - share it with others ! With the school year about to start, this is a time of adjustment for many families. It’s time to get back into the daily routine of early starts, homework and early nights (hopefully). The re-opening of school again is also the sign that summer is coming to an end, with autumn fast approaching. So having a healthy start to school makes a great difference to children. Whilst many kids have enjoyed their summer and generally been fit and healthy, the autumn term is usually when colds, coughs and tummy bugs hit their peak. Children tend to pick up all sorts of bugs from classmates and sick days can cause disruption for working parents. There are certain measures that you can take to help minimise this risk. A good diet, regular exercise and certain immune boosting supplements can help to keep your child fit and healthy, and maintain good concentration in class. It goes with question that a nutritious breakfast is the ideal way to start the day. A breakfast containing protein and complex carbohydrates can help to improve concentration, by maintaining healthy blood sugar levels throughout the morning. Several... [read more]
Kids Wing Chun Academy - If you like this post - share it with others ! Kids Wing Chun Academy is a school that is based on teaching children of all ages discipline, good behaviour, respect as well as instilling self confidence and the skills of self defence. We recently had the oportunity to interview Sifu Jude Hudson.       1) How did you first get involved in Wing Chun (Martial Arts)? Brief History My brother told me about two men sparring, one was blind folded the other was not. when he asked why one of the men was blind folded he was told that it balanced the session as the other man was blind. We found a traditional Wing Chun school and started our journey; that was over 20 years ago.   2) What inspired you to create KWCA? The son of a close friend of mine had been badly beaten up at a party and this had affected me. I knew that I could help people like that to make sure that something like that would never happen again to them. At that time however, I was running a company and could not. A number of years later, I left that company... [read more]
Magnesium Rich Foods for Children’s Bone Health - If you like this post - share it with others ! Milk has long been the staple drink to help kids with the growth of bones.  Parents are encouraged to give their children enough milk and other calcium rich foods such as cheese and yoghurt, but new research has found that other non calcium based foods may be important too, such as magnesium rich foods. Foods that are rich in magnesium such as pumpkin seeds, green leafy vegetables, dark chocolate, lentils, bananas and almonds are also important in building strong healthy bones. Magnesium is essential in improving the absorption of calcium in the body. Magnesium is the more important mineral for bone health. The ideal ratio of magnesium to calcium is 2:1. Magnesium is well known for its ability to improve bone health in adults but little research has been done on young children. This study was conducted on 63 healthy children between 4 and 8 years. The children were not taking any multivitamins or minerals prior to the study. The children kept food diaries throughout the research. Calcium and magnesium levels were measured twice during overnight hospital stay. The children’s calcium and magnesium levels were measured using stable isotopes.... [read more]