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Health Benefits of Chlorella

By on Jan 9, 2013

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This single cell algae has established itself as a “superfood” supplement which has a whole host of health benefits. Chlorella is a tiny plant with a nucleus, which is an excellent source of available chlorophyll. This supplement is very popular in Japan, where is it as popular as vitamin C here.

Health benefits of chlorellaChlorella is full of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and protein. This “superfood” supplement is one of the best natural sources of DNA and RNA. Chlorophyll, which is contained in chlorella, helps to detoxify cells in the body. Studies have found that chlorella is an excellent source of protein which is easily digested.

Research from Japan has found that chlorella can reduce body-fat percentage, boost the immune system, reduce blood-sugar levels and boost energy levels. This can potentially help people with type-2 diabetes and those with heart disease.

Chlorella is a very good source of magnesium, which is also found in green vegetables. Magnesium has numerous health benefits such as treating insomnia, migraines, muscle cramps, hypertension and constipation.

There have been a few studies that have suggested that chlorella maybe helpful in the treatment of cancer. Researchers have found reported that chlorella can remove damaged cells from the body.  Various small studies have this algae can prevent the growth of cancer cell. These studies are however too small to offer a definitive role for the use of chlorella in the treatment of cancer. More research and larger clinical trials are required.

Chlorella has been found to be beneficial in the treatment of hypertension, ulcerative colitis and fibromyalgia. Researchers found that chlorella also lowered levels of cholesterol during the hypertension trials. One possible reason why chlorella was found to significantly lower blood pressure could be due to its high magnesium content. This supplement has also shown very promising results in the treatment of ulcerative colitis.

These findings are all in the early stages of development, and more independent research is required before any firm claims can be made as to the effectiveness of this supplement. There does however seem to be very encouraging potential benefits to chlorella.

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