Can Green Tea Lower Blood Sugar Levels? 0

Can Green Tea Lower Blood Sugar Levels?

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Green Tea Lowers Blood Sugar Levels

Foods scientists at Penn State University in Pennsylvania have found that green tea could help to reduce spikes in blood glucose. These new findings could have a positive impact on the diets for people who have type-2 diabetes, and for people who are pre-diabetic. This could also benefit people who are on a weight-loss programme.

The researchers concentrated on an antioxidant that is found in green tea, epigallocatechin-3-gallate(EGCG). They found a significant reduction in blood glucose levels in mice that were fed EGCG with corn starch, compared to the mice that did not receive the antioxidant compound.

Joshua Lambert, assistant professor of food science in agricultural sciences said, “The spike in blood glucose level is about 50 percent lower than the increase in the blood glucose level of mice that were not fed EGCG.”

The dose of EGCG that was fed to the mice is equivalent to one and half cups of green tea for a human. The researchers found that EGCG was more effective when it was fed to the mice with the corn starch. For humans this means that green tea is more effective at lowering blood glucose levels when taken with a starchy food such as breads, bagels or rice. The researchers found that green tea and the starch would need to be consumed simultaneously. Green tea should be drunk with, not after a starchy meal for optimum benefit.

These results indicate that green tea could help to reduce blood glucose levels in the morning, when starchy foods are usually eaten.

The researchers also found that this compound found in green tea did not have a major impact on blood sugar levels when given with glucose or maltose. This indicates that for green tea to reduce blood glucose levels, it should be taken without sugar.

Lambert said that the reason that blood sugar spikes reduced when the mice ate starch, but not the sugars, may be because of the way the body breaks down starch to sugar. A possible mode of action has been suggested by the researchers.

Starch is broken down in the mouth and pancreas by the enzyme, alpha-amylase, into glucose and maltose. EGCG may work by preventing the enzymes ability to break down starch into the sugars. The researchers found that EGCG reduced the activity of alpha amylase by 34 per cent in the pancreas.

Lambert said that the next step is to test the compound on humans.”The relatively low effective dose of EGCG makes a compelling case for studies in human subjects,” the researchers said.

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