Daily Flaxseed Can Lower Blood Pressure

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Taking a daily dose of flaxseed has been found to lower the risk of high blood pressure, reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease. Flaxseed can be added to cereals, salads or even baked foods such as bagels and muffins.

A daily dose of flaxseed can help lower blood pressureResearchers from University Hospital Holguin, Cuba, havefound adding flaxseed to the diet can reduce systolic blood pressure by 10mmHgand diastolic blood pressure by 7mmHg.

The study was conducted on 110 patients who had peripheralheart disease. Most of the group also had high blood pressure. The patientswere also taking an anti-hypertensive drug. Half of the group had 30g offlaxseed added to their diet (bagels, buns and muffins), and the control grouphad the same foods without the added flaxseeds.

The results found that after six months the test group had asignificant drop in blood pressure levels. Dr Rodriguez who presented the studysaid that the reduction of systolic and diastolic blood pressure is the largestdecrease in blood pressure ever shown by any dietary intervention.

These reductions in blood pressure would be expected to leadto a drop of around 50 per cent in the incidence of stroke and a 30 per centreduction in heart attacks, according to Dr Rodriguez.

The flaxseed group also showed a major increase in plasmaalpha-linolenic acid and an even greater increase in levels of enterolactone.These levels did not change in the control group.

The researchers believe that the reduction in blood pressurelevels is a result of the synergistic effect of the alpha-linolenic acid,enteroligans and fibre.