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Does Fruit Cause Weight Gain?

By on Jan 6, 2013

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Does fruit cause weight gain?A new study has found a possible link between fructose intake and weight gain. The study compared the effect of glucose and fructose on the parts of the brain that regulate appetite. The results indicate that the ingestion of glucose produced feelings of satisfaction and fullness, whereas fructose produced no such feelings. So can fruit cause weight gain?

This indicates that fructose doesn’t tell our brains when we are full, leading to over eating and possibly obesity.

The study was conducted at Yale University School of Medicine on 20 healthy adult volunteers. The volunteers were given drinks containing high concentrations of fructose and glucose and had MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) sessions before and after consumption. The researchers were looking for changes in blood flow in the hypothalamus.

The researchers found that there was a greater reduction in the blood flow in the hypothalamus after the glucose drink than the fructose drink.

This raises a common debate about the effect of fructose on weight gain. Many studies have found that fructose can lead to weight gain as well as tooth decay in young children. Fructose is a simple sugar that is found in fruit, honey and corn syrup. It was once thought to be a safer option to sucrose (sugar), but recent findings have questioned this claim. One reason for the safe concerns may be the amount of fructose that we consume. Corn syrup, which is a high source of fructose, is found in most cereals, chocolate bars, cereal bars, cakes and snack bars. Even some so-called “healthy” snacks contain corn syrup. This high consumption of fructose has been linked with increase triglyceride levels, which can contribute to heart disease.

This does not mean that we should stop eating fruit and vegetables. These natural foods provide us with a wide range of vitamins, fibre, protein and carbohydrates. We should however avoid or cut down on corn syrup, which is found in processed foods.

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