Clinical Results of Homeopathy

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Clinical results of homeopathyHomeopathy periodically receives negative press, usually from various scientific groups and the huge pharmaceutical companies. A lot of the negative press revolves around homeopathy not proving effective in clinical trials. There have been a number of clinical trials which actually show homeopathy to be effective. A study conducted at the Bristol Homeopathic Hospital involved 6,500 patients who attended over 23,000 times over a six year period. The results showed that 70% of follow-up patients reported an improvement in health.

50% of these people reported a major improvement. The conditions that reported the best results were childhood eczema and asthma, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), menopausal problems and migraines in adults.

The Royal London Homeopathic Hospital (Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine) conducted a survey on 500 patients, indicated that many patients were able to stop or reduce their conventional medication following homeopathic treatment. The percentage of this effect varied between the diagnoses. For example, for skin complaints, 72% of patients reported that they were able to stop or reduce their conventional medication.

These results indicate that homeopathy can play a very important role in general health care. Homeopathy offers an effective and inexpensive addition to the treatment options that are available to patients.