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Homeopathic Remedies for Bedwetting

Bedwetting, also known as nocturnal enuresis is a common condition amongst young children up to the age of around six or seven years. Night-time control of the bladder is usually the final step in training kids in the use of the toilet. There can sometimes be help found with homeopathic remedies for bedwetting. Bedwetting occurs without the child’s knowledge as they do not have any control over it. This disrupts the child’s sleep and can be a source of embarrassment for the child. There can be many possible causes of bed wetting and homeopathy can help to provide the most adequate treatment based on the individual cause. Factors such as emotional stress, anxiety, fear, arrival of new sibling, family stress and problems at school can all contribute to this condition. If the child has had this condition for a few months you should consult a qualified homeopath. A homeopath will be able to prescribe safe and natural remedies that aim to get to treat the root cause of the bedwetting. There are, however a few general homeopathic remedies that can be taken for up to two weeks. If the bed wetting continues after this, please consult a qualified homeopath. The remedies below should be taken in the 30c potency, twice a day for a maximum of two weeks. These natural remedies are extemely safe and they are suitable for kids of any age. EQUISETUM This remedy is for children who wet their beds during dreams or nightmares. Equisetum is a commonly used homeopathic remedy for kidney and bladder problems. This natural remedy should be considered for bed wetting without any clear cause. CAUSTICUM This is a good remedy if the child bed wets during the first part of the sleep. The child may also wet themselves during the day when coughing, laughing or sneezing. The child may be sensitive and will not want to go to bed alone. KREOSOTE This homeopathic remedy is for children who wet their bed during dreams in the early part of the night. They also wake up straight away and rush to get to the toilet. An indication for this remedy is if the urine has an offensive odour. We hope you found our health article on homeopathic remedies...

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