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Can Fish Oils During Pregnancy Prevent Baby Eczema

By on Feb 16, 2012

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Fish oils have been found to protect unborn babies from eczema. The Australian scientists have discovered that mothers who took omega 3 supplements were less likely to have babies with eczema. Studies have found that taking omega 3 supplements during pregnancy also resulted in a 50 per cent less chance of developing intolerance to eggs.Can fish oils during pregnancy help to prevent baby eczema

Researchers at Adelaide University carried out the study on 706 pregnant women with a family history of allergies. Half of the women were given fish oil supplements to take three times a day from the 21st week until full term. The other half of the study group were given vegetable oil as a placebo.

Scientists used Efalex Mother & Baby, which is a high strength omega 3 mixture. So the results of this study are only applicable to this health supplement. The British Medical Journal (BMJ) commented that more research is required to see if fish oils can protect against asthma and hay fever.

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