Benefits Of TRX Training

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Unlike most machine exercises, many TRX exercises are three dimensional. Most gym machines are in the sagittal plane, which means you only move forward and back (bicep curl machine, a leg extension machine, a treadmill). But what are the benefits of TRX training?

In real life, your body moves in all three planes: forward and back, side to side (frontal plane), and rotation (transverse plane).

Because the TRX allows you complete freedom of movement, you can do BOTH traditional strength training/single-plane movements AND multi-planar/3D functional training.

the benefits of TRX training

The benefits of TRX training

It’s time to lose the fear of bulking up and gain slim, firm, toned muscles! Many women are doing cardio-only workouts, or using weights too light to do any good, because they are afraid of big, bulky muscles. The TRX allows you to build tremendous strength and power without ever bulking up, no matter what number of reps per set you do, and regardless of whether you do TRX by itself or in addition to traditional cardio.

TRX Training provides the following benefits:

• Core training: in this instance your body’s center of gravity is located just above the hips and along the middle of your torso. When you modify your position, the center of mass shifts accordingly. Your body will use its muscular strength and coordination to achieve the correct position during these movements. This controlled use of muscles leads to better overall muscle development and more unified strength rather than the very specific muscle build-up of weight training for example. TRX training body weights are designed and used to displace the center of gravity of your body on purpose in order to activate your core muscle structure for stabilizing and balancing the body.

• Pulling exercises: these are the original body building methods. Through the use of pulling exercises, you are allowing your rear deltoids, hamstrings, biceps, traps, and forearms. Through the use of TRX training, you are using the entire body mass for pulling exercises in addition to any added weight load for increase in performance and difficulty which will include the entire posterior muscle group and better torso stability is added through better hip extension and the inclusion of back pulling.

• Unilateral training: the use of unilateral training helps to determine muscle weakness and imbalances that are prone to causing muscle injury. The surest method to avoid muscle injury is by selecting exercises that increase your unilateral training and help to strengthen opposing muscle groups like TRX training will.


Work Out Anywhere

Because the TRX weighs less than two pounds and fits in a small pouch you can benefit from TRX exercise anywhere. Train at the gym, in the park, in a hotel room or at home.


Robert Johnston

BCom, REPS 3, CSCS, Personal Trainer.