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Natural Supplement Reduces Wrinkles - If you like this post - share it with others ! The Sunday Times has reported that scientists have for the first time produced a pill that clinically slows down ageing by reducing wrinkles. So can natural supplements for wrinkles really help? Independent testing has found that the oral supplement which contains plant compounds and vitamins reduced the depth of crow’s feet wrinkles on the face by 10 per cent. The supplement is thought to work by increasing the production of collagen, which is a key component in keeping the skin elastic and healthy. This new research could provide a genuine alternative to Botox injections. The ingredients of this supplement were not very surprising however. Nutritionists and natural health professionals have been promoting the use of antioxidants and omega 3 oils for many years. This new supplement contains lycopene, vitamin C, vitamin E and omega 3 essential fatty acids. These are nutrients that have been known to promote healthy skin and also have strong antioxidant properties which help to slow down premature ageing. The study was conducted on a test group of 53 women, and a control group who took a placebo pill. The report concluded a 10 per cent... [read more]
Natural Anti-Ageing Tips - If you like this post - share it with others ! There is alot of information on anti-ageing in the media ranging from vitamin supplements to the latest magical creams and lotions. All of this information can seem confusing and overwhelming. There are a number of simple measures that you can take to “age healthily”. Factors that can influence the ageing process are nutrition, exercise, levels of stress and relaxation. Addressing these factors can result in a dramatic improvement in general health as well as slowing down the ageing process. Natural anti-ageing tips are all around, but here is our selection from us at Healthy3. Healthy ageing does not work with a quick fix approach or just supplemneting with lots of vitamins. A healthy lifestyle which includes a healthy diet, regular exercise and the addition of antioxidants is the key to keeping you healthy and young. The following simple tips can help you achieve your target of healthy ageing: Nutrition A diet high in caffiene, alcohol, saturated fat, salt and processed foods is unsurprisingly going to result in unhealthy skin, and will starve the body of nutrients. A diet that is going to help the anti-ageing process should include plenty of vegetables,... [read more]
Astaxanthin Supplements - If you like this post - share it with others ! Choosing a good one from the range of astaxanthin supplements on the market should be fairly straightforward as there are few synthetic versions of the antioxidant on the market for human use. However, animal feeds, particularly salmon farm feeds, often contain the synthetic version of the nutrient so it is not necessarily beneficial to eat such animal products as a strategy for boosting astaxanthin consumption. A good quality astaxanthin supplement would be derived from marine microalgae, rather than grown synthetically on fungus, and would have been manufactured using a hexanefree process providing a minimum of 4mg per tablet. Astaxanthin supplements should betaken with a little fat for better absorption, as is with betacarotene supplements, and should not be taken alongside medications or supplements that block fat absorption. Astaxanthin is a strong anti-inflammatory which blocks COX2 enzymes but which does not have the side-effects associated with prescriptions pain medications, such as indigestion and heartburn.  It can help with painful arthritis, menstrual cramps, and even as a supplement to help when headaches strike.   Astaxanthin is also able to help retinal cells fight off free radical damage and, therefore, combat macular... [read more]
What is Astaxanthin? -

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Astaxanthin is an antioxidant that is thought to be more than 6000 times more powerful than vitamin C, but what is it and where can you get it from?

Argan Oil for Anti-Ageing - If you like this post - share it with others ! The rejuvenating and intensive moisturising effect of argan oil has begun to grab the interest of more and more people every day.  Given the wealth of skin benefits provided by this oil, in particular its natural anti-ageing properties, this is one cosmetic gem that definitely shouldn’t remain undiscovered. What is anti-ageing? The human body is able to heal and repair itself naturally when damages occur and although our cells replace themselves on a regular basis, this can happen in one of three possible ways: 1)      The cells are replaced by weaker ones due to a lack of required nutrients.  The continuous process is called degeneration. 2)      The cells are replaced by ones of a relatively similar quality due to a regular and consistent intake of nutrients. 3)      Lastly, the cells are replaced by far stronger ones due to a good balance of essential nutrients being fed to the body.  This process is called regeneration and this is what we commonly refer to as “anti-ageing”. How Argan oil can help diminish the signs of ageing The naturally high levels of vitamin E and saponins contained within the oil help to... [read more]
Can you naturally boost HGH? (Human Growth Hormone) -

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The popularity and news coverage of HumanGrowth Hormone (HGH) has increased over the past few years. There are thousandsof web sites that claim to sell this hormone, in the promise that it will makeyou look younger, slow down ageing, speed up weight loss, improve libido andincrease muscle mass. These benefits sound too good to be true!