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Alternative Treatments for Back Pain

By on Jul 3, 2013

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There are many alternative treatments for back pain

There are many alternative treatments for back pain

Back pain is an issue that plagues many people. Did you know that an astonishing 80% of all people in the UK will bring up their posture or their back issues to their GP at some point? That is an astounding figure that could be much lower if more people were aware about alternative treatments. Here, we will explore more about alternative treatments for back pain.



One of the main alternative treatments for back pain is yoga and stretching. One of the largest studies conducted showed that those with moderate pain could manage their issues with on-going yoga and stretching workouts because the exercises involve the strengthening of the core muscles.

Massage Therapy

One of the best short-term natural remedies for back pain is massage therapy. Once again, studies have shown that when combined with stretching, massage is one of the most cost effective cures for sub-acute and chronic non specific low pain.


Many people are unaware that the food we eat can affect pain, which is why it is essential that we make sure we take the right supplements. Nutrition and pain have been linked for a long time. According to a 2005 report published in the British Medical Journal vitamin D supplements may lead to a clinical improvement in back pain symptoms. Other studies have shown that vitamin B12 and magnesium supplements also have an effect. Omega 3 oils are also effective natural ways to reduce inflammation and pain.

Anti inflammatory herbs

When faced with inflammation,a lot of us will just take ibuprofen and other anti-inflammatory drugs .However, in 2007, white willow bark and devil’s claw were proven to both have chemical compounds, which were found to possess anti-inflammatory properties.Therefore, there are alternative solutions. If you are taking regular medication, please consult your doctor or pharmacist before taking herbal medicines. Herbal medicines should be avoided during pregnancy and lactation.


Homeopathic remedies such asRhus Tox, Arnica, Ruta Grav and Kali Carb are regularly prescribed for back pain. Homoeopathic remedies are prescribed on the individuals specifics symptoms. These remedies, if correctly prescribed can be very effective at reducing back pain.

As you can see from the above,there are many alternative treatments for back pain. This is why it is imperative that you explore all your options before settling on just one.