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Can Vitamin C help Childhood Asthma?

By on Oct 6, 2011

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Vitamin C can be beneficial to children with childhood asthmaResearchers from Tanta University in Egypt and the University of Helsinki in Finland have found that vitamin C can help children with childhood asthma. The study was conducted on 60 asthmatic children aged 7-10 years.

The study found that by giving 200mg of vitamin C to an asthmatic child can increase lung capacity by 37 percent. This positive result was greater in younger children (7-8 years). The lung capacity of the older children (8-10 years) only improved by 21 percent.

The researchers said that further work is required to identify the age group who have the greatest benefits of vitamin C. This is still a significant improvement, but further studies are required to confirm these findings. This small study does highlight the importance of vitamin C in our diet.

200mg of vitamin C can easily be obtained from eating a small portion of varied fruit a day. This further highlights the importance of a balanced diet for children.

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