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Tips to Prevent Hayfever

By on Jul 26, 2013

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Tips to help prevent hayfever during high pollen seasons

Tips to help prevent hayfever

Here are selection of tips to help prevent hayfever.

Avoid drying your clothes outside as the pollen collects on the surface of the fabrics

Shower and wash your hair thoroughly when you come indoors after being outside to remove the pollen that collects during the day.

Change your clothes after coming in from outside as the pollen sticks to your clothes, and wash these clothes before wearing again

Shower before going to bed, as the pollen sticks to your skin and hair.

Eat healthily, with plenty of fruits, grains, nuts, seeds and vegetables to help maintain a healthy immune system.

Mow your lawn regularly before the grass flowers and releases its pollens. Avoid tobacco smoke which can also irritate your lungs and eyes.

Try and minimise the time you spend outdoors, especially during the day, and early evening, when the pollen count is at the highest.

Increase your intake of Vitamin C. This has natural anti-histamine properties.

Garlic, apples and onions are a good source of quercetin, which is known to reduce the symptoms of hay fever. Eat plenty of blackberries, strawberries, blueberries, plums, cherries and grapes. These foods contain bioflavonoids that help to protect the mucous membranes from the effects of pollen.