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Natural Remedies to Support a Child’s Immune System

By on Jun 6, 2010

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natural remedies to support a childs immune systemNatural remedies can play a vital role in maintaining and boosting a child’s immune system. Nursery and school are full of bugs that usually get passed around the class. Natural remedies such as vitamins and homeopathy can help to strengthen your child’s natural defences to these bugs.

Homeopathy is a therapy that works to support and strengthen the immune system. This is usually done by giving constitutional homeopathic remedies that are specific to the child. The remedies are prescribed after a consultation with a qualified homeopath. The aim of this treatment is to support the child’s immune response to any illness. These constitutional homeopathic remedies are safe and non toxic. The homeopath will usually ask questions about the health of the parent’s, the child’s sleep patterns, personality, and the general appearance of the child. Homeopathy can also be used after vaccination in order to help with the “detox” process. You should consult a qualified homeopath or obtain advice from a homeopathic pharmacy.

Nutrition is very important in the health of child. In babies, this will mainly come in the form of breast feeding, so the mother’s nutrition is very important. Breast milk provides babies with all the antibodies and nutrients that are required for their developing immune systems. If you are breast feeding your baby, a diet containing plenty of fruit and vegetables is very important to maintain the health of your own immune system. Research has shown that breasting mothers who supplement with probiotics such as acidophilus and bifidus help to provide immune support to the child. Essential Fatty Acids are also important in supporting the immune system of your child. This can be given in the form of chewable capsules or liquids that are tailored for young children. It is a good idea to supplement your child’s diet with a suitable multiple vitamin preparation. This ensures that your child is receiving the adequate amounts of vitamins and nutrients to help support their developing immune systems.

Young children should be encouraged to be active and start exercising from an early age. This will help to support a healthy immune system. Regular exercise also helps to prevent the development of obesity, which is becoming a common problem amongst children in this country. Exercise helps to balance moods and helps children with their communication skills.