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Homeopathic treatment for nappy rash

By on Mar 8, 2010

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Homeopathic treatment for nappy rashNappy rash affects up to a third of all nappy wearing babies and results in soreness and irritation around the nappy area. Many babies can benefit from homeopathic treatment for nappy rash. Nappy Rash is usually caused by the reaction of the baby’s skin to the urine and faeces that collect in their nappy. The baby’s buttock, thighs, and genitals can become red, inflamed, sore and spotty. The rash can sometimes be infected with Candida, a thrush fungus, if the baby has been given antibiotics or if the breastfeeding mother has is taking antibiotics or has oral thrush.

Homeopathy offers a range of treatments that can be used as an alternative to steroid and antifungal creams. These homeopathic remedies can be given in the 30c potency two to three times a day for up to 7 days. The tablets or pills can be crushed between two spoons or dissolved in water. The remedies can also be made in soft tablets or liquid. Homeopathic remedies are extremely safe and can be given to young babies.

Sulphur is the remedy that can be given if the nappy rash is red, dry, flaky, and feels hot.

Rhus Tox should be given if there are small blisters and the skin is very itchy.

Merc Sol is the homeopathic remedy of choice if the nappy area is very sweaty, and if the baby produces more saliva than normal. This may also be associated with teething.

Other Natural Treatments:

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Calendula Ointment

Weleda Balsamicum Ointment