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Can Grape Seed Extract Protect Against Norovirus?

By on Aug 2, 2013

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Can grape seed extract protect against norovirus?

Can grape seed extract protect against norovirus?

A recent study has found that grape seed extract can reduce the severity and potentially provide as good a protection as Norovirus vaccines, which are being lined up as part of a mass vaccination programme to prevent this illness in babies.

Scientists from Ghent University in Belgium have discovered that grape seed extract may be a genuine alternative to the vaccine. This is potentially very good news for parents who are worried about the possibility of giving another vaccine to their newborns.

The researchers found that low doses of grape seed extract attacked the lining of the virus which prevented replication. At higher doses, the researcher found that the grape seed extract destroyed the entire virus protein.

The report stated, “This provides evidence that (grape seed extract) could effectively damage the (norovirus) capsid protein, which could reduce viral binding ability and infectivity accordingly”.