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Does fast food really increase the risk of Asthma?

By on Sep 10, 2013

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Does fast food increase the risk of asthma?

Does fast food increase the risk of asthma?

There have been many different findings recently, but does fast food really increase the risk of asthma?
Regular servings of fast food could be causing a rise in the number of cases of asthma, eczema and rhinitis (persistent colds) in children. A study published in Thorax has found that children who have three or more servings of junk food are at a higher risk.

The findings of this study could have a major impact on the health of many teenagers. Fast food could also be making their symptoms more severe.

The researchers based their findings on data from more than 319,000 13-14 year olds from 51 countries and more than 181,000 6-7 year olds from 31 countries.

The teenagers and the children’s parents were asked about any illnesses such as asthma (wheeze); rhinoconjunctivitis (which produces a runny or blocked nose accompanied by itchy and watery eyes); and eczema; and their weekly diet.

The results found that three or more servings of fast food such as burgers and chips increased the risk of asthma by 39 per cent in teenagers and by 27 per cent in younger children. The study also found that fruit had a protective action in both age groups. Eating three of more weekly servings of fruit reduced symptom severity by 11% in younger children and by 14% in teenagers.

The results of this large study provide further evidence of the harm that regular consumption of fast can do. This is not to say that you should never eat fast food, but it should be limited to once a week. Aside from the benefits of fruit that have been reported in this study, they provide a whole spectrum of vitamins and immune boosting properties that children need.