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Quit smoking for Stoptober with Homeopathy -

Most people who have tried to quit smoking will testify that it is one of the hardest challenges of their life. It is virtually impossible to quit unless you really want to. So this is the first question you need to ask yourself. As most people are now aware, smoking is linked with various diseases and illnesses, so it is definitely in your best interests to give up this habit.  Whilst the over the counter nicotine replacement therapies, such as chewing gum, patches and lozenges, provide some support there are still many smokers who give quit the programmes and revert back to the habit. There are some very good homeopathic remedies that have can help to break the smoking habit. Homeopathy provides a different type of support, which helps with both the physical craving of nicotine and the general addiction of smoking.

The homeopathic support for smokers consists of natural remedies that are safe and free from side effects and can be tailored to the individual. These remedies are not addictive and can be taken alongside other medications.

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