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Chlorella: A natural supplement to enhance sports performance?

Sports nutrition is continually turning to natural suplements as this is now proving to be more effective and in harmony with the body. Many synthetic supplements and protein powders are often difficult to digest and can also be difficult to absorb. There are recent studies and claims that a natural supplement to enhance sports performance is chlorella. Chlorella is...

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Beetroot – A Natural Sports Performance Enhancer

The news of the Lance Armstrong doping scandal has been a major shock in the world of sport. It has also highlighted the widespread use of illegal substances to enhance physical performance. There is however a perfectly legal food that has found to improve sports performance. The mystery food… as you have probably guessed is the humble beetroot. The multiple...

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What is Glutamine?

Glutamine is one of the most widely used amino acids in the body. But many people ask what is glutamine? The body produces L-glutamine naturally and is also available in a number of foods and dietary supplements. Glutamine has many health functions. It is found in large amounts in the muscles and required to build and maintain muscle mass. Due to its muscle building...

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Natural supplements for sport

There are many studies that state that weight training exercises strengthen the bones and reduce the possibility of developing osteoporosis in later life. These exercises should be done with supervision if you are new to weight training, as they can result in serious injury if done incorrectly. It can be advisable to take natural supplements for sport and weight...

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